“It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks of what I do. The clock doesn’t lie.”

The above is a quote from Bonnie Blair, retired American speed skater. She is one of the top skaters of her era, and one of the most decorated athletes in Olympic history. After owning & working with a shot timer for a while now, I can say with absolute certainty that her statement is absolutely correct. Applying this quote to firearm training, I may have said it just a bit differently, though… I may have stated it the following way: “It doesn’t matter how good I think I am. The Timer doesn’t lie”.


You know; the one who tells it EXACTLY like it is. And although you may want to punch them in the face, you stop short because you know what they’re saying is the truth. You also know that you can depend on this friend to point out your gleaming accomplishments, just the same way they do your glaring faults. That’s a shot timer.

It doesn’t point out your shortcomings to break you down, but rather gives your ego a little nudge to check itself and, maybe, do a little better. But, it’s also there with a congratulatory high-five, when you’ve brought your A-game.

Lucky Gunner Ammo (a Youtube channel I highly recommend) did a short & simple video called “Shot Timers Don’t Lie” that echos exactly my same thoughts and feelings on this excellent training tool. Click the image to check it out


I have to say that along with following the fundamentals of good pistol shooting, such as stance, grip, sight/target picture and controlled trigger press, the timer has definitely helped me to take all of the above and combine them into more fluid motions and accurate results. The photo below is from my training session just this morning (11/23/2020).

These were my first two shots of the day, absolutely cold (zero warm up shots). the first shot from 5 yards was nearly dead-center and was fired drawing from a OWB holster in 1.74 seconds. I made absolutely certain to get the shot off as quickly as possible, but not until I had the exact sight picture I wanted, making sure I consciously saw the red dot on the target and cleanly breaking the shot off.

The second shot was from 10 yards using the same method described above. Are those times record-breaking? Of course not. But, what they do serve as are benchmarks for me to use going forward, tracking my progession.



I will say that working the shot timer into my training has not only helped me to recognize areas in need of improvement & boost my confidence in the skills I am gaining, but there has been an unexpected benefit as well. During this time, when 9MM ammo is either scarce, grossly overpriced or both, the timer has forced me to slow my training sessions down quite a bit. This has resulted in a marked improvement in accuracy & speed, coupled with a decrease in actual rounds fired, which to me is a win-win-win!

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